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The URC also expresses its faith in the ministry of all God’s people through the structure of democratic Councils by which the Church is governed. Respect for individual belief and a conviction that majorities are not always right mean that the Church is not dogmatic and embraces a wide variety of opinions.


The United Reformed Church takes the name 'Reformed' because it has its roots in the Reformation of the 17th Century, but also because it seeks to be continually reforming, to equip itself to be a Church for today.


Theologically, the United Reformed Church is a broad church.  Its membership embraces congregations of evangelical, charismatic and liberal understanding of the Christian faith, in a variety of mixtures. It has a strong commitment to church union and the ecumenical movement. Its local churches are often partnerships with other denominations, and in some parts of England, local United Reformed and Methodist churches work together in what is termed a United Area.

It was in October1972 that the United Reformed Church was born, out of a union between the Congregational Church of England and Wales and the Presbyterian Church of England.


The creation of a new ‘church’ was part of the movement towards greater unity and co-operation between all Christians.  In the past 40 years progress has been quite remarkable, though there is still some way to go


In 1981 the Reformed Churches of Christ became part of our united Church and then in April 2000 the Congregational Union of Scotland became part of the union demonstrating the ongoing commitment to unity. The Church has some 1750 congregations in England, Wales and Scotland, representing a community of some 250,000 people of all ages.


The URC is the largest representative in England of the Reformed tradition, itself the largest sector of the Protestant Churches world-wide, with in excess of 70 million members.


The United Reformed Church shares the Trinitarian tradition and creeds of all the major Christian denominations. The Bible is taken to be the supreme authority for the Church, together with certain historic statements of the United Reformed Church.

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