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Ministers of the Grange Church

Because of complicated history of the church and how it has been part of other groups and joint ministries, it is not always straightforward to say who was the Minister, at Grange but, here is a list of people who were either Ministers or very closely involved with the church since its conception in 1954.

Rev Roger Hall Eileen Southam Robert Bartrum 2 Stephen Haine

Rev David Davies – In 1954 he wasn’t an actual minister at Grange, but was involved with the formation.

Rev Roger Hall - The first Minister who took up the post in 1955.

Rev Eileen Southam - In 1963 she became our second Minister but the first woman and what a splash she made.

David Davies

Rev Stephen Haine - In 1967 he was our third Minister.


D Hamilton bw closeup

Rev Dinsley Hamilton - Took up the post in 1974.


Rev John Wilding – In 1980 he was not a minister , but served as Interim Moderator.

Conny Payne closeup

Rev Constance Payne - In 1981 became our fifth Minister.


Frank Garvey

Rev Frank Garvey – In 1984 was minister of Tilehurst URC but joint minister of the Group alongside Rev Payne.


Rev Nina Mead – In 1989 became joint minister alongside Rev Collinson.


Rev Stephen Collinson - In 1992 became joint minister alongside Rev Nina Mead.

Rev Gill Jackson – In 1998 was not a minister, but served as Interim Moderator.

Rev Samantha Caton - Became minister in 2000

Rev Richard Becher was joint minister, alongside Robert from 2011 to 2013.

Rev Robert Barthram - In 2011 he became our current Minister.

Vacant Minister

John Downing - Our latest Minister, who has taken up his joint role along side  Robert Bathram in 2015.