Joining in

Coming to church — some frequently asked questions

Going anywhere for the first time can make you feel slightly unsettled.  Here are some common questions people ask about coming to church, that will put your mind at rest.

  • COVID 19

Of course, at the moment while we are combatting the pandemic, some of the below will not apply. There are strict rules to adhere to, so we will not be singing, or even using hymn books or bibles. We will be social distancing, sanitising, wearing masks etc and no tea and coffee after the service. Services in the church will re-start from Sunday 23 May 2021, when everyone will be welcome, suitably prepared!

  • Zoom Services

During lockdown we have been holding services via Zoom on Sunday mornings. Following the re-start this will not be happening expect by special arrangement. Details will be announced as they occur.

  • What should I wear?

There isn’t a formal dress code. So whatever you are comfortable in. Be it your Sunday best suit or jeans and a T shirt. We want you to be you. But while the Covid crisis continues, you’ll need a face mask.

  • What time should I get there?

The service starts at 10:30am but the church will be open and people will start to gather after 10:00am. So anytime between these times.

  • What should I expect when I first come in?

While COVID-19 security measures are in place — the welcomer at the door will quickly scan your forehead temperature, and ask if you've had any Covid symptoms recently. If so, you will be asked to stay away until you are Covid-free. If there’s no problem then you'll be asked to use the Test & Trace app, or else to provide your contact details so that you can be alerted if necessary. (Written details left with us will be deleted after the statutory record-keeping period expires — currently this is 21 days.) Seats are set out at a safe spacing, but families and other bubble groups may sit closer together. There will be a one-way system in place through the building. Please use the hand sanitiser provided, or bring your own. Toilet facilities will be available, but you will be asked to ensure you leave them in a safe condition for anyone who follows you.

All this may sound terribly formal and unfriendly, but we’re doing our best to keep everybody safe, including you.

Normally — there will be someone at the door who will make you welcome and give you a hymn book. We have normal size and large print, if you need it. We are a modern church and sometimes we use a computer to project information on to a big screen. This information can also be found on a large print copy for people to use. And then just take any empty seat. Bibles are by the seats. If you have any questions, just ask someone. We aim to be very friendly and helpful!

  • Who will lead the Service?

The service can be taken by a range of people, either one of our two Ministers, the Revd Robert Barthram and John Downing, or a lay preacher. Every week is therefore different with a mixture of service styles.

  • What hymns and songs do you sing?

A range of the more traditional hymns and songs that everyone may know, to brand new ones that could be sung here for the very first time. It doesn’t matter how good your voice is or if you are not too sure of the tune. Sing up in praise of the Lord and enjoy yourself.

  • Will I need any money?

The church is financed through the generosity of its supporters, and an offering (collection) is made as part of our worship to God. Feel free to put whatever you wish in it. There is no suggested amount for donation.

  • Do you have Holy Communion?

Yes. On the third Sunday of the month we celebrate Holy Communion. You are welcome to take the bread and wine with us or not.

  • Is there any socialising afterwards?

Yes. We have tea, coffee and biscuits afterwards (but not during the pandemic!) They’re free, and we’d love you to stop for a chat.

  • I have a disability, what facilities do you have?

There are ramps from the car park into the church building and there is a new accessible toilet by the entrance. We have a variety of people with different needs, some of who use wheelchairs, walking frames and sticks, who regularly come and they find it easy to gain access.

  • Finally…

We are a multi-ethnic church and welcome anyone, from any background, who is interested in finding God and seeking how to let Jesus into their life. It doesn’t matter if you have only a little, or a lot of faith. No matter where you are on the spiritual path, you will be made at home here at Grange United Reformed Church.

Keep safe and well and may God bless you all.