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FOR THE FIRST TIME many of you know what it is to have a home of your own. But no home is complete unless its members look also to another— the House of God, which should stand at the centre of the life and work of every community.


A community without a Church is like a house without a foundation.


For that reason the Free Churches of Reading propose to establish at Southcote a place of worship and work which shall welcome and serve all who look towards it.


A splendid site has already been acquired on which a beginning will be made with the erection of premises for the benefit of your children and young people. Here it is hoped that a Church will eventually rise.


This Church, pioneered by the Churches of the Central District of the Congregational Union, will be governed by Congregational principles under which the members will, in due course, control its life and destinies democratically and independently. It will be open to everyone who cares for the life of the Spirit.

In 1954, when the Southcote Estate was still new, this pamphlet came through your door explaning about the new church that was going to be built.

A Home of your own 1954 1954 Map

MEANWHILE, the initiators of the project would welcome invitations from those willing to enable House Meetings to gather in their homes immediately.


The success of this enterprise and the ultimate achievement of all our plans will largely depend on the number, enthusiasm, sacrifice and prayers of those who share our hopes, and on the goodwill and support of the homes the Church will serve.


The Rev. W. C. G. Hopkins, of 15, Circuit Lane, will be happy to give you any further information, and to discuss points in the scheme which may

particularly interest you.

You Need the Church

The enclosed cord will be called for by a representative of the Congregational Church

Please take a moment to read the pamphlet.

Are not these words still true today?